Incident Ready: How to Chaos Engineer Your Incident Response Process


We’re pretty sure using a real incident to test a new response process is not the best idea. So, how do you test your process ahead of time?

This webinar will share how FireHydrant customers leverage best practices to break, mitigate, resolve, and fireproof incident processes. We’ll show you how to use chaos engineering philosophies to stress test 3 critical parts of a great process:

When and how you declare an incident




Robert “Bobby” Ross is the CEO and co-founder of FireHydrant, an incident management platform that allows you to resolve, learn, and mitigate incidents faster. Bobby began building FireHydrant in 2017 when he felt the pains of incident response as a staff software engineer at Namely. Prior to that, he was at DigitalOcean and Thunderbolt Labs.

Bobby has always had an interest in incident response from when he began maintaining production systems. He is based in New York City, enjoys a great cocktail, learning about bleeding edge tech, and making software that helps teams build better systems.


Robert Ross

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Date: Wednesday, October 14
Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT
Duration: 45 minutes
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When and if you should escalate an incident to your stakeholders
How you communicate an incident - internally and externally

Join us on October 14th at 1pm ET to learn how to master the mayhem.

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